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What Is the Best Septic System to Use on a Heavily Wooded Lot with the Goal of Saving Trees?

Question Asked by Tammy Miller: What is the best septic system to use on a heavily wooded lot with the goal of saving trees?

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Answer by oil field trash
A aerobic system. In this system you do not have a drain field but rather a series of sprinkler heads that spray the treated water from the septic tank on to the ground where it can either soak into the soil or evaporate.

To many people this sounds gross but it is a very good system. The sewage is digested in a tank with air bubbled through it and then chlorinated and stored in a surge tank. When the tank gets full it is pumped out to the sprinkler heads. About once a day.

We have had our system for 10 years and it works great. There has never been any smell from the system. You do have to add chlorine tablets monthly and have the digestor tank pumped out about every three years or so.

One big advantage is the drain field never gets plugged up and never needs to be repaired or replaced.

Our system in located on about a half acre lot full of trees and we didn’t have to cut any down to install the system.

Answer by momofboys
You will need an engineer’s plan to install a new system and he/she could recommend something that might be acceptable in your town. Different towns have different ordinances and guidelines. Talk to your local health dept. to see what they might accept. Bravo to you for not cutting down trees!!

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How Much Spacing Do Cedar Trees Need for Planting? How Deep/wide Is Their Root System? OK to Put Near Septic?

Question Asked by tervl: How much spacing do cedar trees need for planting? How deep/wide is their root system? OK to put near septic?
I have approximately 5 to 6 feet width along a neighbor’s property line to plant a privacy row of trees or hedges. The area is also next to a raised septic bed. Are cedar trees OK to plant in this area? Will their root system harm my septic system? I live in NE Indiana.

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Answer by flossintru

Answer by killer_queen_fm
When planting a cedar hedge with 4 ft to 7 ft trees try to space them about 1ft apart. Larger trees will need a bit more room. Any roots from any tree can harm your septic bed. When roots find an area they “like” they will thrive there. You can root prune them about every two years. Just simply push a sharp shovel into the ground as deep as you can. Best would be able to go down 2ft or so and just cut all the roots growing in that direction. Hopefully there is enough room between the cedars and septic to establish a healthy root system. About 6ft will do. It will be about 5 or 6 years before the roots from newly planted trees get any farther. So root prune about 5 ft away from the trees in about 5 years from now.

Cedars would likely be best there root system is generally shallow

Happy Hedging

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This Old Trailer: Episode 48: Fixing the Septic Tank

to many bends and not enough drop. for 20 feet you only need 1/2 inch of drop you got to keep the water with the poo so it must not have to much drop

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    Trees and Proper Distance to Septic Tank/field?

    Question Asked by sizzlin_star04: Trees and proper distance to septic tank/field?
    I planted some trees yesterday and I have heard that some trees roots can cause damage to nearby septic systems. So I am wondering if my white spruce tree that is 42 feet away from septic will cause any future damage due to the roots? Thanks.

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    Answer by fluffernut
    spruce trees don’t have the aggressive roots as some deciduous trees. I think you’ll be fine…..ish. Normally the roots of spruce are shallow and your septic drain field is down low…..36 inches or lower….maybe, depending on water table. So the two shouldn’t meet.

    Answer by ranger_co_1_75
    The root spread of a tree is normally the same as the spread of the branches. If the branches will grow over the drain field, the roots will grow into the drain field, and if they enter the leach pipes, the roots can plug the leach pipes and cause problems.

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    Any Trees Ok to Plant Near a Well Casing?

    Question Asked by shawlexwes: Any trees ok to plant near a well casing?
    My front yard is not very big and I wanted to plant a small tree but the well is located in the front yard. I have read that maples and weeping willows could harm your well and septic. Is it safe to plant a tree near the well? I was looking at something like a dogwood, weeping cherry, flowering crab apple or forest pansy. Would any of these be safe? Is there something else that would be better? I am open to any suggestions. Thank you for your info!

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    Answer by t m
    No, Any tree planted near a well casing can cause present and future harm, including any needed maintenance will be hampered by trees.

    a good option would be something like day lilies and hostas, that do not require watering because it is also not a good idea to let or have water puddle at or near your well site area.

    Answer by Supratim P
    in one word no, but still if you want , attach metallic sheet on your wall (you may cote with cement or anything you want) then plant trees make sure it should not touch the original wall.

    Answer by Steve
    Yes, non aggressive rooting trees such as Mountain Laurel, Dogwood, Crabapple, and Cherry are often planted near septic systems. You might want to check out non aggressive large shrubs as well. Good Luck!

    Answer by Jasper
    Genrally a conifer – everrgreen tree== would be the better choice since they tend to have smaller root systems. or look at a shrub like crepe myrtle or other upright shrub

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    How Close to a Septic System Can You Plant Trees? Marylou Hornak?

    Question Asked by Marylou Hornak: How close to a septic system can you plant trees? Marylou Hornak?
    I want to do some landscaping not sure what type of tree is safe to plant or how close to plant over a septic field. Marylou Hornak

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    Answer by Yarcofin
    Far enough that the roots won’t get into it.

    Other than that it doesn’t matter unless you plan on eating the fruit off the tree.

    Answer by stogen
    Dear Marylou, if you are on septic system, then obviously you have some land with your house. I would recommend that you stay at least 20 ft. away from the edge of the septic field. Larger varieties of trees have root zones that spread as wide as the canopy of the tree. That should help in determining how far each variety of tree should be from the edge of the field. Allow extra margin of safety. Then you decide what varieties you like. Can’t think of any? visit your local County Extension Web Site. Happy gardening.

    Answer by tab c
    As a life time plumber I can you the horror stories but I wont. Choose low surface rooting plants. They all will seek moisture and fertilizer which can make them go into you drains pipe lines. Nothing worse then somebody telling you that the tree or plant has to go after it just grew into a beautiful sight.
    Some have choosen a moss to cover over the area and then planted tree that have shallow roots and no long tap root.Some of the hedge types althou they appear small tree size have an extensive root system going very deep so becareful.
    Plant ones that can be easily removed by a backhoe and then replanted after the work is done. All system in time need to be opened up.

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