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I Have Kitchen Waste Water, How to Make a Septic Tank ?

Question Asked by nischal: I have kitchen waste water, how to make a septic tank ?
The area I live in is remote and half rocky.

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Answer by sillycook77
You can dig a hole and put a 50 gallon drum in it. Make sure to poke holes in it so the water can be released into the ground. This will last years and is a generic type of septic tank.

Answer by bearczar
the first answer was on the right track a 55 gallon drum is a good start but remember you need to dig a big hole and fill around the drum with gravel to help the water disperse in the ground and poke holes starting about a foot from the bottom and going up this gives a place for any solids to ferment till they break down then the pipe coming in should enter the drum at the top and remember you need to slope the drain pipe the whole way to the drum if you want you can cut the top and screw on a hing so you can pump it out if it needs service and i would start it out with putting in a box of that septic system treatment it starts a growth of enzymes that break down the solids/particles and stuff well good luck

Answer by Greg I
If you are talking about strictly kitchen waste water I’d suggest recycling it for plants. Using “gray water” on plants is nothing new in the Rockies. The soap has lots of phosphates usually, and works as a wetting agent making it easier for the ground to absorb water instead of running off so fast. I’ve seen homes in the mountains that used catch basins in the summer (then used the gray water for their gardens), and the 55 gallon drum “grease-traps” (that have been mentioned in other answers) in the winter.

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How Can I Fix Water Collecting on My Lawn?

Question Asked by cantremember: How can I fix water collecting on my lawn?
My neighbor tied into town sewer and since then water collects and I have a small pond in my back yard. Can I fix this?

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Answer by gotabedifferent
make a trench.

Answer by crewchief1949
Call public works since they probably did the work and tell them you have an issue with your yard flooding now. Or the Drain Commission what ever you have.

Answer by READER 1
I am sure there is a law about changing how water flows, not knowing the whole situation, I would ask someone in your county offices, Water dept. for example.

Answer by mhiaa
I’ll tell you the cheapest, most natural way. But first, do you yourself have any pipes in that area? If not, then plant a weeping willow tree. It soaks up water like a sponge and will dry out the entire area. However, if you yourself have pipes, as in water lines or pipes leading to septic tank, then you shouldn’t plant one. Because eventually the roots will choke it. But If not, plant a willow. They’re a tad messy, but they work. My front yard used to be a swamp (next to the State”s culvert). Now, the willow soaks up all the water, is quite tall, but the yard is dry. Only drawback is the occasional mess they make. But I throw all that onto the compost pile. You should also ask the town/village/city codes officer to run tests to make sure that line your neighbor tied into is not contaminating your yard with raw sewage.

Answer by Floyd B
You have to have some one that knows this kind of stuff to come & look at your problem.

Off the top it don’t seem that connecting to a sewer would cause a problem. It would seem that it would eliminate a problem if there had been one with a septic system.

One thought would be that they may have change the grade of the land so that the way the water drains from rain fall drains or don’t drain.

May be the pipe is broken or wasn’t done right.

It would help if you have any pictures that may show any change in the land.

You can fill in the low spot in your yard but you would have to take in to account how that would change the flow of any water.

Answer by fordman
Can you change the slope of your yard to move the water away? If you have a low spot, can you add more soil to change the grade?
I can’t understand how your neighbor tying into the sewer line caused your lawn to flood unless they messed with a water runoff. If he changed his elevation, talk to him and have him lower it to let the water flow again.. Good luck

Answer by NJGuy
Did the neighbor have a septic system in the yard? Was it disconnected at the time of the sewer tie-in? Perhaps it wasn’t and the sewer line is sending water into the septic tank and it’s overflowing into your yard. I’ve seen this happen several times.

Answer by AMAN_RA
Public works and water department responsibilities end at the sidewalk, unless the damages show they are at fault.

What you need is called a French Drain, very inexpensive, yard guys could probably do it for you. It’s a six inch PVC pipe with a bunch of holes in it (can be purchased like this) You fill the pipe with 1 to 2 inch rocks (river stones) and bury two feet in the ground through the center of the wet spot. You then run the drain at a slight angle to the street, or tie it into the sewer system/water drains. The water drains through the soil into the drain and away from the yard. You might possibly get your nieghbor to go in halfsies on the installation since he changed the previous water drainage situation.

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Q&a: My Toilet Water Is Pink Tinged?

Question Asked by carverbrittanys: My toilet water is pink tinged?
We are on a septic system. Noticed yesterday the water was kind of pink tinged? Any idea what this could mean? If anything.

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Answer by Jenjen
rust? maybe

Answer by Spanky
that would have nothing to do with your septic. Check inside the toilet tank, see what is in there.

Answer by Maddie
Did you try washing your toilet with bleach?

Answer by sensible_man
Metal parts in the toilet tank are probably starting to rust. When the toilet is not used for a few hours, the rust has a chance to tint the water and then show up in the bowl. The septic has no bearing on the toilet unless it is backing up. Check your incoming water supply.

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We’re Moving Our Trailer Out to Our Land in Tyler, Texas…price of Running City Water About 2,000 Feet?? HELP

Question Asked by mandylorian: We’re moving our trailer out to our land in Tyler, Texas…price of running city water about 2,000 feet?? HELP
We currently own 5 acres in Tyler, Texas, right outside of Whitehouse. We temporarily moving a mobile home until we start to build. We have the electrical taken care of, as well as the septic system, but I absolulely CANNOT find any information on pricing for running city water out on our property from a main pipe that’s about 2,000 feet away. Can anyone help?????

Best answer:

Answer by don_sv_az
Get someone out there with a trencher or a backhoe, make a trench and lay the pipe your self. You local Home Depot, Lowe’s or Hardware store can let you know the price of pipe and fittings. The water company is going to put the meter at the edge of the property line anyway.

One thing… From you house/trailer location to the water main … Is it all your property, or do you have a utility easement?

In my area we were allowed to use 3/4 Inch PVC pipe. Cheap and easy to run. Just make sure you listen to the Hardware man’s description and use the Primer and the Glue. Rotate each fitting at least 90 degrees while gluing and before you bury the pipe, pressure test it for at least 24 hours to make sure there are no leaks. It is easy to fix before burying, very hard to fix after.

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Can a Water Heater Bust in Freezing Weather?

Question Asked by laura: Can a water heater bust in freezing weather?
My friend moved from her house and all the utilities are turned off. I was wondering if you have to drain the water heater so it won’t freeze. I suggested it to her but was not sure if it would cause a problem. She is not going to be living in the house all winter. I was also wondering about the septic tank. If all the water evaporated from the pipes wouldn’t that cause the sewer gas to come into the house. I am trying to help her get her house ready to be vacant. Any suggestions would be nice.

Best answer:

Answer by William B
yes [shut the water off ] drain the H-water heater or it will freeze and burst,
all water lines should be blow en out with air
pour mineral oil or RV antifreeze into the toilet and all drains [this will keep the gas from coming into the house
the septic tank will be ok
I do this at my indiana home ,before i go south

Answer by zenophryk
do some web searches on winterizing a home.
typically this involves turning off the main water to the house, draining the hot water tank, drainging the toilet tanks, putting antifeeze in all the water traps, like the toilets and sink drains, and draining a heating system if it’s a water system. all the water lines should be purged as much as possible, and all the valves (faucets and showers) should be left open.
even with a properly winterized home it possible for freeze damage to occure.

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Is It Safe to Dig a Well on Your Property if You Are Using a Grey Water System to Irrigate Your Plants?

Question Asked by Drew911: Is it safe to dig a well on your property if you are using a grey water system to irrigate your plants?
We have a huge lot and were thinking about having an orchard that would be watered with greywater from the house. We were also thinking about digging a well so we were concerned if the water we use might go into the ground water and get sucked up by the well. So is it safe to have a grey water irrigation and dig a well with some kind of a minimum distance?

Best answer:

Answer by Jrbott
Most people who have a septic system also have a well so I’d say yes you can. Set up a septic system like arrangement and spread the water over a wide area.

Answer by Karen L
Where I am, you must separate a well and a septic system by at least 100 feet. You might want to check what that distance is where you live. And if you’re concerned about the potability of your well water, you can have it tested. In fact, if the well is meant for drinking water, you probably must have it tested before it’s legal to use for that purpose.

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Q&a: Why Would Water Back Up into My Washer While My Water Filtration System Is Rejuvinating?

Question Asked by rgodfrey3: Why would water back up into my washer while my water filtration system is rejuvinating?
The water system guy increased the pump presure of my well a couple weeks ago stating that my water filtration system was not working properly since pump was set at 20/40 psi? He increased it to 40/60 psi. Now when the water filtration system rejuvenates, water backs up into my washer tub. I am also on a septic too but this is clear water and does not smell, nor did this happen prior to him changing this dial on my well pump. What is wrong here? I have been in this house for 10 years plus had the water filtration system for 9 years. He has been the same water guy who has been to my house each year to change my filters the whole time. But since I have a high content of iron in my water, he has to rebuild the heads on my filtration system each year. He said increasing the pressure of my well pump would stop this problem. Now I have a new one and he is saying it’s my septic. Someone please help?

Best answer:

Answer by nellygalal
From my experiences with my washer …the return of water is usually due to weakness of the machine valve (it is the part that controls the return of water into the washer) .. I usually need to change it every two or three years for the same problem ….

Answer by rvsreno
when was the last time your holding tank was cleaned?
not that i think that is the problem if it was everything would be backing up or you would have a new pond forming on your lawn.
as for the real problem, is this water system self cleaning
r’s has an auto cycle that backwashes the system maybe it’s just not draining properly (at first i thought it was screwed till i found out it was made that way)

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Does a Septic System Give U Running Water? Do U Need Electricity to Use It?

Question Asked by law2: does a septic system give u running water? do u need electricity to use it?
I know nothing about this. can u have running water if you build a house in BFE?

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Answer by Black Hawk
Septic system is where the crap goes, you need a well for water

Answer by Altru-man
A septic tank holds solid waste that is flushed from the house and occasionally, ten yrs or more, needs to be emptied unless it has a leech bed and you put enzymes down the drain to eat the solid waste components.

Answer by Karen L
What’s BFE? A septic system is for waste, for things that go down a drain or down a toilet. Some need power to operate, some don’t.

Answer by dr_cook76
The septic systen is only for wastewater (toilet, sink, and bath drains). It works without power in most cases. A tank or pipe field is out in your yard somewhere. You will have to have a well for running water. It is drilled deep into the ground away from your septic system.

Answer by school78
What is BFE? That person is funny., and don’t get out much. Anyway, I don’t recommend using the water from your septic for a running water supply. That’s Gross. You can have running water in bfe you have to have a well, or a tank. Good luck.

Answer by Tex
Well I get out a lot and I do not know what bfe is. Could kindly explain what the heck you are talking about.

Some places allow the use of the water that normally goes into the drain field on a septic system to be used for irrigation for NON FOOD crops like cotton. The system normally works on gravity flow unless you live in a low area and have to pump the water uphill to get it into the drain field. Also some houses with low basements use a sewage pump to get the raw sewage up to the septic tank, so basically in this very uncommon scenario you do need electricity to run the pumps.

Answer by Mike
BFE=Bum Fu@k Egypt….ie: middle of nowhere

Answer by Lic. Electrician
Although I haven’t heard the term in a while, I do know where BFE is.

You will need both a well and a septic system. The well will almost definitely require electricity. The septic system may or may not. If it is a true gravity-feed system, it may not need power. If it has a pump system, it will need power. A gravity-feed may still need power if you are required to have a tank level monitor/alarm installed.

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Q&a: Septic Tank Issues, Noticed Water Around Concrete Slab and Foul Stench?

Question Asked by Veronica-is-not-my-name: Septic tank issues, noticed water around concrete slab and foul stench?
We have only lived in this house 6 mos and nobody before that. My builder came over check things out and said fuses were blown and circuit board was malfunctioning. He is going to replace the fuses and circuit board, but he never answered what could cause this issue. Any ideas? Oh yeah, I have a pump system by the way.
the builder says I have 1000 gallon tank, my leach field is in the back yard which is slightly elevated in comparison to the tank. I just want to make sure he isn’t pulling me along until my 1 year is up and then I’m on my own. The builder stated it was his problem and he was taking care of it. But if the system is new why are there already issues?

Best answer:

Answer by I Devil with unnecessary Details
House is just built? Then there are no fuses. Breakers replaced fuses in the 60′s already.

Something is wrong with the septic installation…get the builder to make it right (or you will take legal action) No need to say that outright. You can have his building license revoked and the Building Inspector also should get it too, ( but you know how some just say…it was O.K. when I gave it the O.K. What happened after that point is not my responsibility…yeah they have that kind of position.
Same for the fuses…there should not be any and the building inspector passed that? I want another building inspector right now. That foul stench is your do-doo. Seem like there is no field for the water to go into the ground. Most time it is under the back lawn.(sometimes the front, really depends on where the toilet is
. You have a septic tank system most likely and only the floaters stay in the tank and the water goes into the ground(as the tank is 800 gallons – or 400,000+ or – “big ones” The water comes from the kitchen sink, the bathroom sink, the shower, the toilet with every flush. So it is mainly water. You got the builder around – he has to correct this.

Answer by pickmefirstplz
put your concerns in a email to him so you will have a record that you told him about the problem

Answer by Comp-Elect
Sounds like you have a forced sewage system where the sewage goes into a holding tank and then is pumped out to a raised tile bed or municipal sewer.

The E-mai idea is a good one but cc or bcc your lawyer, the municipality health department and whoever else may be responsible for the proper operation of the system.

Electronic circuit boards do fail and may have caused the fuses to blow if they protect the circuit board and controls. Not knowing what the fuses actually protect, this is only a guess.

If the fuses protect the pump then the fuses were defective, the pump stalled, or the fuses were the wrong type/size.

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Installing a Discharege for a Water Softener?

Question Asked by Jamie S: Installing a discharege for a water softener?
How can I discharge waste from a water softener when there is no drain available. The Softener will be located near the PVC pipes heading to the septic tank. Is there a system to cut into this without afecting the water w/ odor or waste?

Best answer:

Answer by Rick K
you dont have any drain in the basement at all??? how bout a bathroom??? or where is the sewer cleanout pipe?? you will need something lower than the unit to drain into! so it will have to be like a pipe going into another with a Ptrap as so sewer gases will not enter the home! And not knowing your layout if you have a bathroom in the basement I can not be for sure, or else if you have a spare closet near some plumbing upstairs??? you can rig it in there!!! You may want to call a Plumber to do this one before tring to do it yourself!!!

Answer by jacjm313
you need to put a “tee” fitting in the drain line to the septic/sewer, which is not that hard to do. you also might be able to find what is known as a “saddle” drain fitting, but this you would probably have to get at a plumbing supply house.
the saddle is probably the best bet because you don’t cut the pipes, just drill a hole (in the existing drain) the size of your new drain line, and attach all the hardware, and presto!

Answer by zenophryk
I had a very similar problem. What i did was cut a small section of the pvc pipe out and installed a T , then i installed a threaded barb adapter into the T opening and my softener pumps into that.
my unit actually needed 2 drains, one for the overflow of the brine tank. so i installed 2 T’s

Answer by dsgrieve
You’d be better off running the discharge into a dry well. Over time the salts in the discharge will erode the concrete in the septic tank.

For connecting to your septic, though, there should be a clean out plug where the waste pipe goes. You can add T there. Run 1.5″ pipe up a foot and create a P trap, then run another couple of feet into a wye. Connect your discharge to one leg of the wye and leave the other open (to allow air in so water won’t get sucked out of your p-trap).

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Where Do People Poop if They Don’t Have a City Water System?

Question Asked by Johnny Poopster: Where do people poop if they don’t have a city water system?
I don’t mean just a sewer system (with a septic tank); I mean a place with no utilities at all. Portapotties are just a temporary and expensive solution.
Also, how do you read a file into an array in Perl? I used a while loop with as the conditionaI, but are there other methods?
Craaaaaaaaap. That’s the method I should’ve used. I got that question wrong on a test because I used the while loop method.

Best answer:

Answer by I
a hole in the ground

Answer by Barkley Hound
Other that an outhouse with a hole in the ground most places would have a septic system. It does not require utilities. You can have a well drilled for water. With no electricity just use a hand pump.

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# read file into an array
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My House Powers My Neighbors Water Supply?

Question Asked by omgizzle: my house powers my neighbors water supply?
i recently discovered my landlord has it set up so that my house powers the water supply and hot water supply for my neighbors house (which he also owns) i never knew about this and this explains why my electric bill is higher than it should be. there is nothing in my lease about it and nothing was ever said. is this legal? we also share the same septic system, apparently.

Best answer:

Answer by George
You should talk to your landlord about it. If both houses share the same electric and water meters the landlord should not be charging you for these bills. If you can prove that you are paying for both properties (which seems unusual) then contact an attorney that specializes in rental issues.

Answer by mr.obvious
No this is not legal if the bill is in your name, It is stealing electric and he could be in trouble, It is a criminal and a civil matter. He can go to jail and pay a fine and restitution, and the electric company can give you a refund and bill your landlord the difference. As long as you have nothing in writing that he told you of this, he has to pay you back and he cannot raise the rent on you because this would be retaliation based on what happened over the electric and he can be sued for this to. Do a free consultation with a lawyer to see what your options are, call them tomorrow.

Answer by Alekat
May be a good friend or relative.

This may be against area Electrical codes.

For now – have someone help you switch the double pole breaker, (probably a 30 amp or remove the fuses, (two round 30 amp plug fuses) for the moocher heater and try to locate the breaker or fuse for the water supply, (could be a 15 or 20 breaker or fuses). If there is more than 1 – 30 amp double pole breaker or 2-30 amp fuses, then you may find that when you disconnect one pair – it could be yours. Then disconnect the other pair and see if anything stops working in your home.

This very dishonest and a sort of a scam.

You and a helper will have to trace the conduits running out of the electrical panel towards the neighbors house. Look for pipes that run through an outside wall and down into the ground on that side.

Both are high usage units – especially the water heater

Answer by t-rexs
no and no

and you aren’t going to get it resolved either

if he failed to mention this tid bit when you started renting he wanted it kept secret

by the way you now have grounds to break the lease

no where is it required that you pay the neighbors way

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Q&a: Where Can I Find Water Filtering Systems for Rivers?

Question Asked by jffmrs48: Where can I find Water Filtering Systems for Rivers?
I’m looking for information on filtering systems to clean rivers. Help prevent pollution like PCB’s and PAH’s, raw sewage from overflows, and sediment build-up from occurring downstream of rivers. I’m having a hard time finding the equipment and/or a company that builds these stations.

Best answer:

Answer by Mark G
Rivers themselves are not generally treated. What is treated is contaminated water that would otherwise enter the river. Sewage treatment plants are a great example of reducing biological contamination. Although I have seen small scale treatment of river water by the use of aeration. Baltimore Inner Harbor has a couple of aerators to deal with the high COD/BOD of water entering the river from a canal. This keeps the water from going septic and minimizes odor. This is by no means a method to clean the river up but addresses a negative symptom (stinky water) in a tourist area.

Industrial treatment plants are much smaller and are site/plant specific in their size, capacity and methods of treatment. Systems such as these may discharge either to a sewerage collection system or direct discharge.

Clean ups of rivers for PCB’s involve the dredging of silt. This is controversial as dredging can easily spread contamination downstream. Sediment disposal is aloso a concern as how to treat the collected silt. Dumping in another area doesn’t treat the problem but merely spreads is to an area that is less likely to be impacted.
Unless teh silt is brought ashore and used in a landfill you really are just moving the problem or spreading it out over a wider area.

An old saying “Dillution of pollution is no solution”

Sewage overflows result from using a combined collection system which handles both storm water and sewage. You can also have exfiltration from leaky sewage mains but that is not as large a problem as undersized sewage treatment systems.

The real solution is to have seperate and isolated storm water collection which doesn’t comingle with sewage and increasing sewage treatment plant capacities. Both of these options are very expensive to retrofit as major infrastructure changes are required .

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How Much Does a Reed Bed Home Waste Water Disposal System Cost?

Question Asked by dkska;: How much does a reed bed home waste water disposal system cost?
I’m talking about the eco-friendly sewage and grey-water treatment system that uses settling tanks, a reed bed and an overflow pond, to avoid using any septic tanks or mains. Say, for a typical family home.

Best answer:

Answer by peter w
The cost would depend on many things! Like how much your planning consents cost and what the requirements were. In most cases if you are not using a standard system that has been through all the health and safety checks Etc. you will have to pass it by the health authorities.

There has been a lot of discussion lately about people doing these things illegally due to the obsessive and over bearing bureaucratic requirements and the costs of compliance.

The cost will also depend on where in the world you are located. I would think that in the usa that you would need to have some sort of insurance.

The other thing that you need is a lot of land and the right soil type. If you pollute the ground water then you might be forced to pay to clean it up. Most jurisdictions that I know require that you deal with your own Grey water within your property boundaries.

Please contact me as I have information that I have not put in here. I also have questions about the cost quoted by Dr Henry. I know for example that a reed bed type system that you are talking about with permits and everything in Australia is around $ 30,000 Australian. Like I said it would depend on a lot of things.

Answer by DrHenry
Counting the land, the installation, the permits, the state permit, the lawyer, and the engineer, my guess would be $ 100k, if you didn’t run into an trouble with the government or more likely your neighbors. Also, the cost of the permit might be $ 10k per year. You are basically asking to build a wastewater treatment facility. You would have the same requirements as a small neighborhood system. The reference will give you some links to sites that may have better info.

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What Are the Advantages to Having Your Own Well and Septic System Rather Than the City’s Water Supply?

Question Asked by Andre: What are the advantages to having your own well and septic system rather than the city’s water supply?

Best answer:

Answer by Fireball226
no water bills but its not worth it…wetness attracts mosquitoes..

Answer by *~♥Baby on the way♥~*
I don’t think that you have to pay for water. IDK tho. btw GET OFA IDLE ON MESSANGER!!!! lol

Answer by DR_NC
Primarily, a deep well and septic tank are cheaper in the long term. A septic tank in North Carolina costs about $ 2,500 and a deep well and pump about $ 3,000. I’ve had mine since 1991 and have had ZERO problems. I have my septic tank pumped every three years at a cost of $ 100. We are a family of five. My friend in the city has city water and sewage. His bill is more than $ 100 a month and they are now on water restrictions. Of course, you could have a well failure and I’m sure my pump will wear out eventually, so there are maintenance costs with owning your well and septic.

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Q&a: What Causes Well Water and the Outside Air Around the House to Stink?

Question Asked by EulijB: What causes well water and the outside air around the house to stink?
We live out in the county and have well water. The past few days our water has had a very bad sulfur smell. We have a water treatment system in the house that pulls out the iron and other metals and gets rid of the sulfur smell. But the smell has been coming through the last few days. The odd part is when I go outside the air smells the same as the water. Once you get to the end of the driveway you can’t smell it anymore. What is causing this? How can I fix it?

Best answer:

Answer by Dr. Strangelove
Do you have a septic system as well? It may be overflowing and that’s what you smell. Call a professional

Answer by t-rexs
if you live in the country do you have propane? an under ground leak can contaminate everything, eventually coming up thur the ground. the further you get from the leak you won’t smell it, the septic answer is good also

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How Does a Flooded Toilet Lead to Water Being in My Backyard?

Question Asked by blah b: How does a flooded toilet lead to water being in my backyard?
Hey guys, so my toilet flooded not too long ago. I went ahead and cleaned the floor and swept the excess water out the front door. However, it seems that a lot of it was also found in my backyard. How is that possible? Would it have something to do with the septic tank? Also, does homeowners insurance cover this? I am currently renting the house I am living in. Thanks!
I’ve gone ahead and talked to the land lord. He wants us, the renters, to call a plumber and pay for the costs. He said he will pay only if it can be proven that the leak is due to wear and tear. What should I do?

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Answer by frannie11_16
you may have a damaged sewage pipe, @least thats what it was when it happened 2 me.
homeowners does cover, although you are a renter, so i hope that u have renters insurance.
good luck

Answer by Legit Harvard
As a wise man from Harvard once told me (Mr. Briatico) a man’s toilet is only as flooded as the size of feces deposited within it.

Answer by mustanger
Sounds like the drain field for your septic field is shot. If you’re renting you should call your landlord or rental agency. It’s their problem to fix, not yours. The repairs are not cheap.

Answer by livewire
neither your septic tank needs to be pumped out or some nearby trees or shrubs roots had grown into the septic preventing the sewer from running out into the drain field likes its suppose to do. This is a problem your landlord will have to fix if your renting. AS far as your property being damaged that is up to you and your landlord .

Answer by Robert
Sounds like the drain is clogged or septic tank needs service. Call the owner of house. Unless your lease says otherwise the owner is responsible.

Answer by SpecB82
Sounds like your sewer line could be blocked. Or in addition to that, your septic tank could be blocked or full, and need pumping out.

I’d speak to your land lord about getting the whole system checked out, you shouldn’t have to worry about any costs incurred, as you don’t own the property.

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My Toilets Are Clogged..when I Plunge Them the Water Comes from Under the Toilete Onto the Floor?

Question Asked by Bino: my toilets are clogged..when i plunge them the water comes from under the toilete onto the floor?
how do i clean the floor around the toilet ad unclogg the drain. is it the septic trap that is clogged?
also..the floor is carpeted around the toilet and the tub is clogged too…just about every drain is clogged
i cant get the water outta the tank or the bowl

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Answer by niks_mom7
Sounds like maybe the seal to the toilet is dryied up, the wax ring. You might have to get a plumber to come suck the stuff out of the toilet, unless you have a wet vac.

Answer by Lauren
Try renting a plumber’s snake and sending that through the system to unclog the blockage. If that doesn’t work I would suggest calling a plumber because the toilet may need to be removed in order to get at the clog and that could be messy

Answer by sharrona
Sounds like a plugged up problem, and perhaps a seal.

Find a friend that knows what they are doing. . . sometimes a
snake will fix the problem

Otherwise, a plumber.

good luck

Answer by makingapost
sounds like the pipe is fully stopped up. remove the toilet and snake the pipe. if that don’t clear it then you might have an additional problem further down the pipe line. you’ll just have to keep snaking until it clears.

Answer by worldhq101
If you are on a Septic System you may need to have it pumped. If what you’re doing isn’t working call a plumber.

Answer by dawn f
sounds like you need a new wax seal that is around the hole in the floor where the waste is flushed through.It will clog the toilet..,you need a new wax seal which requires removing the toilet..,its easy and its in how to books.I have done it.

Answer by Jolly
You really need to call a plumber. It could be anything from a clogged toilet, to a major clog in the pipes. At any rate, it’s not a job for a home handyman.

Answer by Best answer

Answer by bethany w
well i clogged the toilet many times and hate to admit it. but my best advice is if you can’t fix it call a plumber your worse off trying to fix the problem on your own than haveing someone help you thats a professional. also maybe a pipe might be broken i never have had an experience like this one so best of luck and may your toilet be unclogged. P.S. look in phone book for best plumber resouces some are cheap and better quaity than your ones who have a nemd brand

Answer by shorebreak
You have two problems.

The first is that the wax seal around the base of your toilet has failed. This needs to be replaced. In order to clear the clogged toilet I recommend using a snake since the failed seal won’t allow you to use pressure.

Once the clog is cleared you need to remove the toilet and replace the seal. Your local hardware store will have all of the supplies you need and should be able to explain in detail what you need to do. It’s a simple procedure.

Answer by calming
Realy how bad for the people under you…..Sounds like you need a new wax seal…sold in hardware & lumber stores….empty out all water first and shut off water……take bolts off tiolet…remove old wax ring and install new one…screw back down…apolgize to anyone underneath you and invite them to dinner…

Answer by ed
You have to fix the toilet seal so you might as well disassemble the toilet and remove it to replace the seal while you are there you can find out if there is a toy or something stuck inside the toilet and run a snake down the drain if it is full of water in the pipe. if it was the septic trap you would have the same trouble with your sinks and tub too.

Answer by dlmrgnk
The no trap for the waste line is in the stool. What is happening is that the wax ring between the stool outlet and the sewer pipe is bad–probably because the stool isn’t fastened down properly. The fix is to remove the stool, at which time the floor can be cleaned, any blockage in the sewer line or stool removed, inspect the stool for cracks or chips, replace anything that needs to be replaced including hold down bolts, flooring, and subflooring, install a new wax ring and tighten down. As with many jobs, a careless slip, overtightening or other mishap can turn the job into six miles of bad road.

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Is Well Water from a Confined or Unconfined Aquifer?

Question Asked by jimmyedwardpeach: Is well water from a confined or unconfined aquifer?
Are the ones used the same as the old type of wells from pre 1950s?

And can the ground water and/or unconfined aquifer be contaminated by what is above the ground and buried in the ground, like septic tanks, dead animals?

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Answer by bustersmycat
Unconfined typically means there is no physical top to the aquifer (as long as water is added it will keep rising). Obviously the most common type of unconfined aquifer is the shallow water table-if you add water the water level would rise until reaching the surface.

The shallow water table is really open to inputs from the surface (that is essentially how it is supplied, and over very short time frames-water flows directly from the surface to the water table). Thus, the shallow water table is really susceptible to contamination from surface sources such as septic systems, fertilizer and pesticide addition, leaking fuel storage tanks, even decaying dead stuff. Bascially, the contaminants can quickly move from the source location into the well with little time for natural degradation and mixing (dilution) with other sources.

Older wells tend to be shallow wells simply because it was easier to make the wells shallow and there was little understanding of the long term risk to water quality and human health from relying on shallow sources.

Besides, the shallow water table is really full of pore space and water is easily collected in large quantities over the short and long term.

Modern laws and regulations typically do not allow the use of shallow wells for potable water sources without the installation of some relatively good treatment systems and frequent quality testing.

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Q&a: Do They Make a Fuel Water Separator That Attaches to a Sink to Allow Washing of Fuel Testing Equipment?

Question Asked by Gray: Do they make a fuel water separator that attaches to a sink to allow washing of fuel testing equipment?
I am looking for a fuel water separator that can hopefully attach to the wastewater pipes under a sink. I need to eliminate any fuel from going into the wastewater system. There is very minimal fuel left on the glasses after testing and dumping but there is still some fuel that gets washed down the drain. Thank you.

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Answer by J.
Check with a local plumbing supply contract house- not a home center. I do not believe there is anything produced these days other than grease traps.

More than likely you will need some sort of evaporation bed if you are not in an urban setting.

Otherwise you need to have a tank to collect that wash water that gets picked up when full. SafetyKleen is just one company that would deal with that.

Paint solvents are not permitted to be washed down a sink and the conventional fuels use many similar component compounds. So you would not legally be allowed to wash them in any sink that connects to a septic system or a municipal sewer system in most cases.

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