What Causes Your Water to Be Dirty After a Big Rain?

Question Asked by surelycoolgirl: What causes your water to be dirty after a big rain?
We have a well and septic tank and after a big rain, it makes the water look dirty for a couple of days afterward. Does anyone know why this could be? It hasn’t always done it and we have had our septic pumped off about two years ago and it’s only three of us living in the house.
We have really rich, nice soil. Not red mud or clay. No new construction and the house is about 50 years old.

Best answer:

Answer by tewarienormy
Your septic tank is leaking.

Answer by danehotmail
Rain water could be getting in your tank!….

Answer by Bella
It,s just where the water at the bottom of the tank get,s stirred up due to the rainfall.

Answer by aussie
Your well is not deep enought

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