What Is a Laundry Product for Whitening That Is Safe for Septic System?

Question Asked by margot: What is a laundry product for whitening that is safe for septic system?
We know that chlorine bleach is not safe for our septic system, however, our whites are getting really dull and gray. We usually launder with cold water to save energy. Is this part of the problem? who can recommend products that have worked for you that you know are safe for septic systems?

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Answer by eskie lover
Mrs Stewart’s Bluing for extra whiteness. It is safe for septic systems and a couple of drops added to your wash load will really brighten your whites. Also, try soaking your whites in Biz Activated Non-Chlorine bleach to restore their color. It will not harm the septic system and it is a great stain remover.

Answer by ♥TayLee♥
Washing White Clothes
When washing white clothes, hot water works the best, since your detergent will dissolve and work the most effectively at this temperature. Water rinses equally well at any temperature, however, so be sure to rinse all your clothes using cold water to save on hot water. If your clothes are not particularly soiled, you could probably get away with using hot water every second or third washing to save on hot water as well. Be sure to always follow the washing directions given on the label of your clothes for best results.

Answer by Marti
Add Oxygen based bleaches in your laundry. It’s not actually bleach, but a hydrogen peroxide release. But you need to use hot water to make it work.
Try adding borax or baking soda sometimes to the washing machine during pretreat or wash cycles, it seems to help.
Normal amounts of bleach, 1/2 cup, per wash cycle should be safe for a septic system, except it destroys good bacteria, which is necessary to the septic system.
Also avoid powdered detergents as they contain plastic fillers that can plug up your lines and drain field.
Hope this answers your question..

Answer by dimpelmum
Well for all my whites I use the good old fashioned soap bar soap, you know the kind your grandmother used for getting all her white cotton sheet´s and towel´s clean, Soak your whites in cold water, then rub the soap on, leaving the soap on and the clothes free from water say 1/2hr, Then back to cold water give a rub add more soap. Leaving the soap on pop into the machine on a 40ºc normal wash. Now hang the white clothes outside in the sun , the sun will bleach your whites the natural way . Whiter than white, No more Gray & dull whites

Answer by Liz Rich
You can add distilled white vinegar instead of fabric softener to the rinse cycle to cut the dulling soap film. It is mildly acidic, but it is safe for septic systems.

Another option is to run a load of whites through the washer using hydrogen peroxide (H2-O2) instead of soap. It will have a bleaching action in the wash, but it will break down into harmless water and oxygen.

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