Whats the Best Way to Get Dog Feces to Break Down in the Back Yard?

Question Asked by Terry D: Whats the best way to get dog feces to break down in the back yard?
Is there a lime or something that wont harm the grass?

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Answer by Miss Vida
I’d recommend picking it up! That stuff doesn’t decompose very well and by itself, if left, will harm the lawn. Watering seems to help, but picking it up is WAY easier.

Answer by Matt D
If you feed your dog a raw diet, the feces will decompose extremely rapidly.

If raw feeding isnt for you, feed an all-natural super premium dog food (Science Diet/Iams/Eukanuba are NOT all natural OR premium foods) and you will notice smaller stools that turn ashen quicker.

Or, as mentioned, just pick it up!

Answer by lori s
It is hard to get around having to “pick up” . If you feed a high quality food with a high protein content the higher nitrogen in the food will porduce a feces that will burn the lawn in hot temps. The good news is the higher quality foods will have a lower quanity of stool.

Answer by Jeanbug
In most cities, if you don’t pick up dog poop accumulating in the yard, you’ll get a nice visit (and a fine) from a code enforcement officer.

A real easy way to deal with it, is to use one of those plastic grocery bags as a mutt mitt. Put the bag over your hand, pick up the poop, flip the bag over, tie it off, and throw in the garbage.

Answer by ellarosa
also, the salt content of the feces is not beneficial to your lawn. you can use one of those scooper/pan combos that are both on long handles so that you don’t have to get close to the poo. i’ve used them and they are quite nice. just keep them right next to the lined can w/lid where you store the poo.

Answer by Bonsylar
Doggie Doolies are sort of mini septic systems for dog poop. You do have to pick up the poop and put it in there, but it will make it into fertalizer.


Answer by effa
The correct answer is to pick it up. Dog and cat feces and urine are not good for lawns and plants in any form.

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