Why Does My Washer Back Up into My Kitchen Sink?

Question Asked by talk4now2006: Why does my washer back up into my kitchen sink?
The house my Husband and I just purchased has a new septic- mound system and I’m not familiar how things work. When we run the clothes washer, it backs up into our kitchen sink. When you turn on any faucet in the house it smells like sulfur. What are we missing? venting? is something hooked up wrong? we have a water softener system, and well system, and separate micro filtration water system for drinking water.
It’s all new to me. And the water drains slow from the bathroom tub. The house of our dreams is turning into a nightmare.

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Answer by bkingshott
Your thought of the vent is a good idea, however it could also be that the drain is plugged. You can try running a snake first down the drain. If the smell persists then it could be that one of the -Traps either does not exist or installed wrong.

Answer by CECIL W
It is clogged. Get a plumber. It could be a sock or a cloth. This is not a nightmare it is a part of learning to love and be grateful for what is yours in the name of love. Make certain that it is a reputable plumber. Make very sure.

Answer by Maitreyee
Carefully check the both inlet and outlet pipes for your washer. It may be clogged.

Answer by mildred f
Sounds like you need to get a real plumber there to inspect it. Sounds like 1. there is no venting or it is compromised, 2. your plumbing is not set up properly to take advantage of gravity and drainage. Initially you will need to have the entire house snaked out, I think. Too many problems here so I think you will just need to attack everything.

Answer by sudip
I think it is clogged. You should need a plumber for solving your problems. I think there might be some mistake in plumbing your tools .Get a nice plumber for solving your problem and remain happy.

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