Why Is the Ground Over the Septic Line Sinking?

Question Asked by Godly: Why is the ground over the septic line sinking?
Built house in 2000, no problems, but have noticed ground sinking in in the line of yard from our septic tank to the front of the yard. A nice gully is forming and I doubt that is a good thing.

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Answer by WhachooSay
Hi, yeah that sounds serious. Here’s a link to an answer I found here from a while ago.


Answer by ranger_co_1_75
Sounds like your sewer pipes are collapsing. Same thing happened to me once. I had to dig it up and replace the lines.

Answer by Darren
It might be settlement, but I agree with the other answers. Bottom line: call in a professional and be sure. If the top has broken and collapsed- somebody could be walking over it and fall into the septic tank- dangerous and unhealthy!

Answer by peejaypenn
Built our house in 2001. Exact same thing occurred over our septic tank and line. It was not horribly so, but noticable to be sure. It’s just settling I believe. Once your tank was set, loose dirt was filled in over it, so it’s natural that over the years the dirt has compacted and sunk a bit.

The depth of your “gully” might be an indication of what’s going on.

If it’s really worrying you, call a septic company. Around here (OH), they will come clean/pump out your tank for $ 100-150. So I think a probe or assessment would be even less. Peace of mind, for you, may be worth it.

Answer by septicgenius.com
Most likely just settling. On a new home like yours schedule 40 pipe or cast Iron is usually code for the inlet pipe (sounds from your description that the pipe is between you house and the tank). To be sure the only way is to dig up the pipe and check the integrity. The “no problems” comment makes me think just settling due to improper back filling during installation. This should be addressed sooner than later the “”gully” could direct unwanted water in the direction of your system causing problems over time. good luck

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