Will Taking Salt Water Baths Damage a Home’s Plumbing/septic System?

Question Asked by Okole: Will taking salt water baths damage a home’s plumbing/septic system?
Will regular (full) baths of very salty water (but less salty than sea water,) damage a home’s plumbing and septic system, even if lots of fresh water turned on right after the bath? Will salt water kill the bacteria in the septic tank?

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Subject: Keeping Chemicals Out of Septic System
Topic: Plumbing

Would it be worth while to divert salt water waste of water softener away from septic tank? Septic system digestion would be improved wouldn’t it? Thanks

- Jim from Ofallon, Mo.

Yes, the salt water waste would likely interfere with the beneficial bacterial action in the septic systems.


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Answer by Irv S
Probably won’t harm the piping, but that
septic tank is a biosphere all in itself.
‘Jolts` of salt water will limit the bacteria that can
grow there in ways that might not be good.

Answer by matt g
absolutely not

Answer by thewrangler_sw
The salt water will not harm the plumbing pipes in any way. It could however, kill off some of the bacteria.

If you routinely add a box of Rid X to the system, it will help replenish any bacteria your septic tank may be short on. A typical box will treat up to a 1500 gallon tank, larger than most folks own. And you don’t need to worry about having too many bacteria…they ‘eat’ the waste solids in the tank….if there are too many, they simply die off.

I use epsom salts myself for arthritis relief, and havent had any problems with our septic system.

Good Luck

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